Dave Poe's BBQ

Just click your heels together and repeat, 'There's No Place Like Dave Poes', 'There's No Place Like Dave Poes'. Dave Poe talks about the preparation of his barbecue as an artist talks about prepping his canvas. This brand identity needed to capture the specialness going on behind the food. Dave preps and pit cooks his barbecue utilizing 100 year old traditions of great barbecue.

I decided to integrate the arts with the bbq. Exploiting the mix of highbrow culture with low hanging wordplay, we introduced the brand mantra, ‘The Art of BBQ’ as a campaign slogan. I articulated the brand's voice and developed the visual identity that told the Dave Poe’s BBQ brand story. A completely new identity for a new restaurant from the ground up. Logo, iconography, menu and menu board design, cups, point-of-sale, signage, website and promotional items.

One of the benefits of having someone like myself involved in the telling of a brand’s story is seeing the opportunities that the owner or manager is too close to see. For years, Dave had been serving a mixture of two of his best side items, Brunswick Stew and Mac & Cheese - he called it Redneck Lasagna. The only problem was it was not on the menu. What Dave saw as a fun little novelty, I saw a perfect fit with the brand story that people would love to eat and talk about. And that’s really the goal, present your brand story in a simple compelling manner, so your customers can tell it for you.

And Dave Poe is his name-o!