A Symbol for Moving Forward

A look inside my head…

Today I am introducing a new logo for Tom Cox Design Studio. This is a decision that has been long in the works. As an artist and designer, with most of my career focused on brand identity, creating an identity for my own studio has been the source of great exploratory fun and time management frustration.

I am excited to reveal what I believe is the best graphical representation of where my studio is today, and where it is heading. Highly influenced by my modern design and pop art heroes, I wanted to create a mark with a simple appearance and multiple layers of surprises. Simple clarity built with truth is the greatest disruptor.

So, I loved it when my daughter Taryn saw the gift box in the letter T. I saw it too. I believe imagination and the opportunities to use it for good, are a gift. I also see the ball in the letters O M. Like Paul Rand, I believe exploratory play is one of the highest values added by a designer. The C O exposes the target to remind us to stay focused and simple. And X marks the spot, where packaging art and design becomes the voice of the brand.

The video gives you a look inside my head as the shapes, lines and colors progressed to form the final symbol.

Special thanks on the video to Garrison Tyler Cox for his technical assistance and music selection expertise.