A New Look for Reformation Brewery’s Limited Releases
 Scout, The Storyteller

Scout, The Storyteller

Happy to show new work reflecting new thinking with Reformation Brewery. I’ve been asked many times, ‘what happens when you run out of colors?’ referring to the simple, high-impact packaging I’ve designed for their year round mainstay beers.

 Current Lineup of Year Round Mainstay Beers

Current Lineup of Year Round Mainstay Beers

So with Scout The Storyteller, we introduce the on-brand package design extension for Reformation’s Limited Release beers. Scout is a Foreign Export Stout by style brewed with fresh ginger and warming spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.


A beer to be paired with moments of merry-making throughout the cold winter months, I explored art concepts that were brand appropriate while capturing the feeling of festive holiday gatherings.

Tom Cox
Art on Brand

Always be on the look to engage people with your brand. Even when they least expect it. During the brand identity process, Path & Post Real Estate asked if I could create an art piece for the conference room in their new office space. Below is the results... cropped, abstract images of the brand identity across 14, 24" round canvases.

Tom Cox
Woodstock, Georgia - Brand Identity


I am happy to show new work just completed for my hometown. A project that carries a little extra fervor and personal pressure.

Working with the Woodstock Downtown Development Authority, we determined that the magic of Woodstock, Georgia is that it has become a surprisingly high caliber authentic progressive community. A vibrant destination for creative young professionals. With that in mind I wrote and created a timeless, classic and modern scalable palette of messaging, wordmarks, icons and color system they should be able to use for years.

Tom Cox
Personal Logo Exploration
A graphic exploration of personal logos that led to my current logo.

This video serves two purposes. One, it demonstrates the wide range of thoughts and concepts I explored for my personal studio logo. Two, it is a cathartic release to put all that work behind me, but to also present it in a way that allows others to appreciate the long and careful deliberation that I pour into my work.

This is actually only the highlights of my exploration. Each one represents multiple variations and numerous hours looking at various colors, creating type and tweaking details.

A Symbol for Moving Forward

A look inside my head…

Today I am introducing a new logo for Tom Cox Design Studio. This is a decision that has been long in the works. As an artist and designer, with most of my career focused on brand identity, creating an identity for my own studio has been the source of great exploratory fun and time management frustration.

I am excited to reveal what I believe is the best graphical representation of where my studio is today, and where it is heading. Highly influenced by my modern design and pop art heroes, I wanted to create a mark with a simple appearance and multiple layers of surprises. Simple clarity built with truth is the greatest disruptor.

So, I loved it when my daughter Taryn saw the gift box in the letter T. I saw it too. I believe imagination and the opportunities to use it for good, are a gift. I also see the ball in the letters O M. Like Paul Rand, I believe exploratory play is one of the highest values added by a designer. The C O exposes the target to remind us to stay focused and simple. And X marks the spot, where packaging art and design becomes the voice of the brand.

The video gives you a look inside my head as the shapes, lines and colors progressed to form the final symbol.

Special thanks on the video to Garrison Tyler Cox for his technical assistance and music selection expertise.

Winter Jam 2016

For the 8th consecutive year, working with the great team at Winter Jam, I created the art and identity for the tour. The art includes a foundation of colors, typography, logo treatments, iconography, tour poster, tour t-shirt and more. This framework allows the Winter Jam team to implement the identity across it’s digital platform, stage show and tour merchandise.

Reformation - Special Packaging

Here are two special packages Reformation Brewery recently asked me to design. The first was their Holiday Gift Box which included the second, their Limited Release Barrel Aged Declaration Revolutionary Imperial Stout.

There might not have been a Reformation without Gutenberg, and as such, Reformation Brewery takes printing seriously. With the screen printing process used to print directly on the glass of these 22oz beauties, each bottle has it's own unique finish.

See more of what I have done for Reformation Brewery here.