Hi, I’m Tom. I write. I design. I study emotions and connections. I help small brands think bigger and I help big brands think smaller. I use words and images together to set a brand apart.

Previously a brand designer at The Coca-Cola Company, now I live, work and play in Woodstock, GA. I’ve worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Surge, Holiday Inn, Reformation Brewery, The Smithsonian National Zoo, The City of Woodstock, and Cherokee County Economic Development to just name a few. I also helped start Small Town Creatives, a monthly gathering of creative professionals. And, I speak at events about what I do.

I believe a brand’s primary asset is its identity. I consider brand value to be determined over time, but identity value is instant. In many situations, identity can be the only factor for trial and word-of-mouth. I take a good look, so others will take a good look.